Want to learn how travel, food and positive action can help you to live awesomely?

Hello! I'm Meghann Lawrance; a food and travel writer based in Brisbane, Australia.

I've been writing in one form or another almost since the day I learnt how - everything from coding basic adventure stories on our family's ancient Amstrad computer to a novel at age eight to a far too personal MySpace blog as a teenager. These days you'll mostly find me right here - when I'm not writing about all things customer service over on my other website - meghannlawrance.com.

So why travel? Since I can remember I have wanted to travel the world - though growing up in a small city in South Australia made it seem like an impossible dream. Thankfully I have been proved completely wrong and now I've been lucky enough to spend two months travelling through Europe (with a whirlwind week in Tokyo in between). I also moved away from that small town (though I do still share my love for it often) to Brisbane, Queensland. In among all of this another passion also grew; a passion for cooking (and eating) amazing food. 

To me these two passions are not separate but two sides to the same coin. One of my favourite things about travel is learning about the culture of the places I visit; and one thing that gives you the best insight into the culture is how people eat. The precision of French food, the enthusiasm (and cheekiness) of Greek food and the coziness of Swiss food have all taught me so much about how people all around the world live. And by extension - they've taught me how to live as well.  

That's where Miss Sweet Nothings comes in; it lets me share my travel adventures with you, with a special focus on the amazing places you can eat in this magical world. All with a sprinkling of enthusiasm and joy.

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