A quick guide of where to eat (and drink) in South Brisbane

We’ve been lucky enough to call Brisbane home for eight years now - and in the last three or four years I’ve become obsessed with finding the best places to eat and drink. It’s become a really fun hobby, and I always love recommending places to people.

With that in mind I wanted to share some of my favourite places to eat, drink and be merry in Brisbane. It’s a reasonably big city (hush now all you Sydneysiders - I know it’s smaller than Sydney) so I’ve decided to divide it into suburbs. I’ll also do my best to keep it updated as I discover new places (and say farewell to old ones).

Pre P.S. Most of the photos are going to be from Instagram as I rarely take my big camera out when it’s not an event - so apologies in advance for the photo quality.

I was lucky enough to work in South Brisbane for 6 years and it’s one of my favourite parts of Brisbane. I loved going to the museum and art galleries on my lunch breaks, or walking down to the park lands to laze around and read. It’s also home to a lot of my favourite bars and restaurants so let’s take a quick tour.

Fox Hotel

When I first moved to Brisbane The Fox was a hole - but it wasn’t long before it was bought and immediately renovated. These days it’s a great place to go to have some casual drinks with friends and order food to share.

Saccharomyces Beer Cafe

Oh SBC, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. This was my regular haunt when my office was in South Brisbane because they did amazing coffee, the best mac and cheese around and all the craft beer a girl could want. To this day it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world, and I’ll find any excuse to go back. They have regularly rotating range of beer on tap, as well as a great food menu and excellent taste in music. I love it, and I hope you will love it too.

Julius Pizzeria

Oh my lord, if you want an amazing pizza experience then Julius Pizzeria is the place for you. It has some of the best pizza in Brisbane (and possibly Australia). Anytime we go to an event in South Brisbane it’s our default choice for dinner. Their menu is seasonal so there’s always something new to try, and it’s fun to watch them make the pizza in front of your eyes. Be warned though - they don’t do bookings (aside from one lunch hour and one dinner hour) but they’re happy for you to sit at the bar, have some olives and a drink whilst you wait for your table to be free.

La Lune Wine Bar

If you want to have a fancy happy hour La Lune is the place to go. They have a rotating list of uncorked wine bottles to choose from, as well as an enormous list by the glass and bottle. If you want to treat a lover (or friend) to a fancy drink (maybe before dinner at Julius), this is the place to go.

Taro’s Ramen

Taro’s has a bit of a cult following, and I was so excited when they opened a restaurant in South Brisbane. I’m a bit of a ramen fanatic, and this is some of the best I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner.


If you want something a little healthier for breakfast or lunch, NOM is the right choice. It has a daily range of salads and wraps, along with a few cheeky baked treats. It was a favourite for the days where I forgot my lunch and didn’t want to indulge in the mac and cheese at Saccharomyces.

Gelato Messina

I’d heard about Gelato Messina long before it rocked up in South Brisbane - the queues it would attract in Melbourne were pretty legendary to the foodie set. I miss a lot of things about having my office in South Brisbane - but having a gelateria that did nothing but high quality, unique gelato made on site is up there.

P.S. Most of these places are in or around Fish Lane - and every year the Fish Lane Festival does its best to showcase the best the laneway has to offer. I’ve been lucky enough to go twice, and it’s great fun (though I do recommend getting in early before it gets too busy and crazy).