The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Mclaren Vale, South Australia

If you love wine and good food you are going to LOVE this weekend adventure.

Weekend in Mclaren Vale // Miss Sweet Nothings

Friday afternoon

There are lots of accommodation options in Mclaren Vale but my personal preference is for this Air B&B. Regardless of your accommodation choice, once you’re settled it’s time to head into town for dinner. On a Friday night you really can’t go past the local Mclaren Vale Pub. Call ahead to book a table at their bistro and be prepared for a healthy serving of country charm alongside their buffet offerings of roasted potato and salad. The food is hearty and the wine selection is impressive.

Weekend in Mclaren Vale // Miss Sweet Nothings


Rise and shine! Time to head out for breakfast at Blessed Cheese. You’ll need to stock up on your energy - you’ve got a busy day ahead! After breakfast take a moment to peruse the amazing cheese selection (and maybe pick up a few cheeses to have later).

Next it’s onto some wineries (I mean Mclaren Vale is one of the premier wine regions in the world after all). I cannot stress enough the importance of having a designated driver who isn’t going to drink. If you aren’t wanting to do that (or don’t have a car) might I suggest Chook’s Little Winery Tours? It’s a fantastic business and you can set your own itinerary.

Weekend in Mclaren Vale // Miss Sweet Nothings

First stop on the winery tour is Maxwell Winery. Although they are a winery Maxwell is known for it’s mead (and they make some killer cocktails with it). Next up is Gemtree Winery to enjoy the incredible view, sample some wine and maybe have a mid morning cheese platter (I mean it’s the responsible thing to do when you’re drinking wine all day, right?). After this it’s time to head to Lazy Ballerina, and if you didn’t enjoy a cheese platter at Gemtree you have to try one at Lazy Ballerina. Though of course there isn’t any rule that says you can’t both!

After your lunch break it’s time to head to Battle of Bosworth for some beautiful organic wine. Last on today’s adventure is Ekhidna Wines in their brand new location! Ekhidna does amazing wine and beer and will always have a special place in my heart as their original cellar door is our wedding location!

Now I’m sure after such a full day you’re really looking forward to a nice, filling meal, and that’s where Oscar’s comes in. You can relax inside or outside and the food is the perfect hearty end today (though maybe hold off on the pizza - I promise it will be worth it when you see what’s on the itinerary for Sunday).

Weekend in Mclaren Vale // Miss Sweet Nothings


After our adventure yesterday Sunday has a much slower pace. No doubt there will be a few headaches after all the wine yesterday, and Bracegirdle's is the best place to go to help combat that. I would recommend the full breakfast (there’s a meat based and vegetarian option) and some of their amazing coffee (or if you feel up to it - a hot chocolate).

As for lunch… Well remember how I said not to get pizza at Oscars? That’s because the best place to have lunch on a lazy Sunday is Pizzateca. You do have to book ahead to get a table because it is very popular (and trust me, that’s justified). It really is the perfect place to relax on a Sunday before heading back home after a weekend away!.

A guide to bar hopping in Adelaide

When I was a young thing living in Adelaide the bar scene was pretty standard. Lots of loud nightclubs where you would wait for half an hour to get served and a few cocktail bars that were completely out of my price range. In the years since we moved away Adelaide has slowly undergone a transformation - cute, quirky bars have started popping up all over the place.

So when Mike and I decided to celebrate our anniversary when we were visiting Adelaide over Christmas of course we decided to spend the evening in the city and see for ourselves all these amazing bars people had told us so much about.

I'm shining the spotlight on some of my favourites today but in general if you head down Peel Street, Leigh Street, Bank Street or Gresham Street (and they are all within walking distance of each other) you are bound to find one (or many) new favourites.

Bar Guide: Adelaide, South Australia // Miss Sweet Nothings

La Buvette

As a confirmed Francophile if I lived in Adelaide this bar is where you would find me most evenings after work. La Buvette is modelled after a traditional French bar serving apertifs, French inspired snacks and lots of incredible wine.

The staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about what they sell - they even offered to let me try the wine I wanted to purchase to ensure I liked it - and the decor is beautiful; from the bright blue entrance to the empty wine bottles lining the walls. All this added up to a very relaxing atmosphere and a great start to our evening.

Bar Guide: Adelaide, South Australia // Miss Sweet Nothings

Mississippi Moon

As you would expect from the name Mississippi Moon is a Southern style bar with a tagline of “Moonshine, bourbon and sin”. It comes with an impressive cocktail list - I personally tried the Huckleberry Gin and think it is the perfect summer cocktail - as well as three beers on tap (not your normal fare either) and many bottled beers.

As with La Buvette the service was top notch - they brought our drinks to the table and offered us fresh peanuts to nibble on as we sipped. The bar has lots of different seating options from little cafe style tables to some stools looking out the front window as well as lots of room for standing and mingling.

P.S. I love this photo with a cameo by my husband (they're discussing which beer he should order - another place that's happy to let you taste before you purchase)

Bar Guide: Adelaide, South Australia // Miss Sweet Nothings

Bibliotecha Bar and Book Exchange

Now we visited this particular bar towards the end of the night so my memories are a bit blurry however even in my slightly wine addled state I couldn’t help but be charmed by the walls of books (which I immediately started poking through). I love the idea of coming here on a cold winter’s night, curling up with a glass of wine and a book I’d pulled off the shelf.

I wish I could give an accurate review of the drinks and staff however due to the above mentioned wine addled state all I can say with certainty is the staff were friendly, funny and knowledgeable and they make a lovely gin and tonic. What a shame - I guess this means I have to go back to give a better review.

Clever Little Tailor

Now I can’t say this definitively but I am pretty confident in saying that Clever Little Tailor was the little bar that started it all when it opened in 2013 - paving the way for all the bars that have come since. These days it has an international reputation and is packed out almost every night - definitely come early or be prepared to move the second some chairs or bar space becomes available.

They do incredible cocktails and will happily mix something up for you if you ask but you can also buy wine by the bottle - which is pretty perfect when you have a group of people all keen for a drink (as well as meaning less trips back to the bar).

P.S. Apologies for the lack of photo - Clever Little Tailor has the combination of incredibly busy and lots of low lighting that makes photographing it super difficult (especially after a few wines)

A Quick guide of where to eat (and drink) in Glenelg

When Mike and I lived in Adelaide we lived right near the most popular beach in the city; Glenelg and we spent many afternoons walking on the beach, eating ice cream and in the winter, drinking hot chocolate.

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

So it was natural after our wedding to hot foot it down to the Bay for a few days to unwind. We ate, we drank and we went for walks along the beach. It was glorious, and the perfect tonic after the intensity of the wedding. We had such a lovely time I thought I would share a few of our favourite places, both new and old.

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

The Moseley

The Moseley is a fairly new establishment in the Glenelg scene and comes complete with a more traditional restaurant downstairs, and a more relaxed pub style bistro upstairs. Since we were looking for a quick lunch we selected upstairs. We found it to have everything we expect from a modern pub - good range of beer (and bonus wines), yummy menu and quirky decor. Our pizza and chips were both delicious, and the open balcony kept everyone cool.

Perfect for: Casual lunch with friends

Pure Boutique

Pure Boutique was so good we went there twice! Once for dinner and again for breakfast. Both times were winners - the menu is a bit less traditional than the Moseley, with more of an emphasis on experimentation and unique flavours. Also it is delicious. The drinks menu is nothing to be sniffed at either, craft beers are an expectation these days in pubs, not a bonus and they have taken it up a notch with the selection and range.

Perfect for: Brunch or a late dinner with your lover

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

Horizons Cocktail Bar

Horizons Cocktail bar is part of the Stamford Grand Hotel and looks super fancy from the outside; think leather coaches, dark wallpaper and old fashioned landscape art. We were semi convinced we wouldn't be allowed in with our thongs and beach hair but apparently it wasn’t an issue. Once inside the vibe is much more relaxed than expected, and the bartenders are both funny and talented. It's not cheap (are cocktails ever?) but it was so awesome to sit on the couches facing the beach, watch the sun go down and sip on something delicious.

Perfect for: Feeling fancy as fuck


Montezuma's is not exactly haute cuisine - I mean it's a Mexican chain restaurant after all, but frankly, it's delicious. We had such a good time drinking frozen margaritas (so many flavours) and eating delicious food.

Perfect for: Tipsy dinner with friends (the more the merrier)