Travel Guide: Crete

One thing we tried out on this trip was a mini trip within the trip - after two days in Athens we flew to Crete with carry on only (leaving our larger luggage in the capable hands of the Plaka Hotel) for two days. I was SO nervous about this part of the trip - and naturally all that worry was for nothing because it went completely smoothly - the only scary bit was landing in Crete because one of the engines blew something as we were coming in.

Since we were in Crete for only two days - and one of those days it snowed of all things - this will be a short entry. I will say that two days was not long enough on any of the Greek Islands - and we will definitely be returning one day.

Travel Guide: Crete // Miss Sweet Nothings

Where to go

Palace of Knossos

Mike and I actually only really went to Crete for one reason - to see the Palace at Knossos. Or, to be more accurate, I really wanted to see the Palace and I somehow convinced Mike we should do it. In reality (and I only found this out once we were there and walking around) Mike had no idea about the culture of the Minoans - which almost literally blew my mind given we are both giant history nerds.

If - like my husband - you haven't heard about the Minoan culture please go and read up on it as it is fascinating. Equally as interesting is the history of the discovery of the Palace itself in the last century and its "reconstruction" by the archaeologists of the time. 

Oh, and we saw peacocks which was pretty crazy.

Travel Guide: Crete // Miss Sweet Nothings

Archaelogical Museum of Heraklion

After seeing the Palace Mike and I went to the museum in Heraklion - it really was incredible to see how intricate this culture was, and how much of a mystery it is - even now. Seeing the Phaistos Disc was a highlight - but I think personally the two biggest highlights was seeing Mike's wonder at this civilisation he knew nothing about before he came there and the sweet little kitten who wanted to come into the museum to get out of the cold (cats were a bit of a theme on this trip apparently).