A Quick guide of where to eat (and drink) in Glenelg

When Mike and I lived in Adelaide we lived right near the most popular beach in the city; Glenelg and we spent many afternoons walking on the beach, eating ice cream and in the winter, drinking hot chocolate.

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

So it was natural after our wedding to hot foot it down to the Bay for a few days to unwind. We ate, we drank and we went for walks along the beach. It was glorious, and the perfect tonic after the intensity of the wedding. We had such a lovely time I thought I would share a few of our favourite places, both new and old.

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

The Moseley

The Moseley is a fairly new establishment in the Glenelg scene and comes complete with a more traditional restaurant downstairs, and a more relaxed pub style bistro upstairs. Since we were looking for a quick lunch we selected upstairs. We found it to have everything we expect from a modern pub - good range of beer (and bonus wines), yummy menu and quirky decor. Our pizza and chips were both delicious, and the open balcony kept everyone cool.

Perfect for: Casual lunch with friends

Pure Boutique

Pure Boutique was so good we went there twice! Once for dinner and again for breakfast. Both times were winners - the menu is a bit less traditional than the Moseley, with more of an emphasis on experimentation and unique flavours. Also it is delicious. The drinks menu is nothing to be sniffed at either, craft beers are an expectation these days in pubs, not a bonus and they have taken it up a notch with the selection and range.

Perfect for: Brunch or a late dinner with your lover

Travel Guide: Glenelg // Miss Sweet Nothings

Horizons Cocktail Bar

Horizons Cocktail bar is part of the Stamford Grand Hotel and looks super fancy from the outside; think leather coaches, dark wallpaper and old fashioned landscape art. We were semi convinced we wouldn't be allowed in with our thongs and beach hair but apparently it wasn’t an issue. Once inside the vibe is much more relaxed than expected, and the bartenders are both funny and talented. It's not cheap (are cocktails ever?) but it was so awesome to sit on the couches facing the beach, watch the sun go down and sip on something delicious.

Perfect for: Feeling fancy as fuck


Montezuma's is not exactly haute cuisine - I mean it's a Mexican chain restaurant after all, but frankly, it's delicious. We had such a good time drinking frozen margaritas (so many flavours) and eating delicious food.

Perfect for: Tipsy dinner with friends (the more the merrier)