March 2019

A mini travel guide to Mt. Tamborine

Recently we were lucky enough to go on a wine tour on Mt Tamborine with some of our dear friends, and I wanted to share that experience!

Important: This is no way sponsored, our friends bought us tickets as a gift for my 30th birthday, but I was genuinely so surprised with how lovely it was, I had to share.

Okay, with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s dive in. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously, I was born in South Australia, one of the premier wine regions of the world. So I have… let’s say strong opinions about wine. When I heard there were wineries in Queensland I was intrigued; it’s sub-tropical, and so pretty humid here, which isn’t exactly ideal for growing grapes for wine production.

Turns out, Queenslanders who love wine don’t let something like the climate stop them. Most of the grapes are grown further south near the New South Wales border, where it’s much cooler and less humid.

Now, I’m not going to mention the wine tour company we travelled with, not because they weren’t fantastic (they were) or because I wouldn’t recommend it (I would) but because I think you could have an amazing experience with any of the companies that operate out of the area, or even just head up there without a tour (though of course I would expect you to have a designated driver or another safe transport plan).

With that said, let’s go on a brief tour of our stops for the day:

A mini travel guide to Mt Tamborine || Miss Sweet Nothings

Mason Wines

I’ve actually been following Mason Wines on Instagram for awhile now (honestly, it’s how I keep track of places I want to visit in Queensland, I follow them on Instagram) and they did not disappoint when I got to go in person. I loved their cellar door, which had a balcony looking out over their vineyards (which don’t actually produce wine grapes but boy are they pretty to look at). If Clare Valley has Riesling and the Barossa has Shiraz, I would say the signature wine of Mt Tamborine is Verdelho, we had several on our tour and although I’m more of a red drinker, I found them all to be very good (in different ways). I would absolutely recommend the rose, it’s a beautiful light summer rose, perfect for a barbeque.

A mini travel guide to Mt Tamborine || Miss Sweet Nothings

Witches Falls

This is the feather in Mt Tamborine’s winery cap, an award winning winery that’s been rated one of the best in the world. It was the first stop on our tour (as our incredible guide put it - whilst we still had enough sense to really appreciate what we were drinking) and we had some really interesting wines, including the second chardonnay I ever found palatable. I wish I had the chance to try more of their reds, as they’re doing a lot of really interesting wild ferments, but I can 100% recommend the Saignee rose. It’s probably the most interesting rose I’ve ever tasted in terms of flavour profile.

Mt Tamborine Distillery

I don’t even know where to start to explain this distillery, except that I think if there was a fire it would go up in a ball of flames that could be seen from space. I’m pretty sure they make every liqueur, schnapp and mixer known to man. If there’s something you can have as a shot, they’re making it at the Mt Tamborine Distillery. It was probably the most fun cellar door experience we had, with blind tastings, an impromptu hokey pokey (which is when I discovered my husband has never heard of or done the hokey pokey in his life which blew my mind) and some frankly amazing liqueurs. I walked away with a limoncello, but I immediately regretted not seeing they had raki (a famous Greek/Turkish liqueur we drank in abundance in Greece) because it makes a great end of meal digestive. Ah well, one of my travel mottos is always leave something to do so you have a reason to return to places you love, so I guess we’ll have to go back.

Fortitude Brewing Company

Our last stop was also possibly my favourite? I mean the whole day was fun so I can’t really pick one over another, but any place that has live music, a cheese factory and a brewery is probably going to be a winner for me. It was a great place to finish up, we shared some cheese and biscuits and had a few different beers. Had we not been on a tour we probably would have stayed for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, trying different beers and ordering pizza.