November 2015

A quick guide of where to eat (and drink) in Circular Quay

For the last few months I have been lucky enough to travel to Sydney for work - it's definitely nothing I ever expected to do and it's been a lot of fun. Sydney was never really on my list of places to visit in Australia and I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I ultimately have.

And of course I had to go out and see what there is to eat and drink in Sydney so I could report back to you! I was lucky enough to stay in Circular Quay which is incredible (as you can see from the photos) but typically very expensive. So my mission was simple: find some affordable places to eat and drink that everyone can enjoy.

Travel Guide: Sydney // Miss Sweet Nothings

Meat & Wine Co

I actually discovered Meat & Wine Co because it's attached to the hotel I was staying at and I am so glad I did. It's such a lovely place to stop for pre (or post) dinner drinks. You can of course have dinner there as well and as a small town girl one of the most big city experiences was sitting at the bar, drinking wine surrounded by business people in suits. 

Perfect for: Pre or post dinner drinks or a fancy dinner

Bar Luca

It's not often I say this but the burgers at Bar Luca changed my life. They are simultaneously the best and messiest burger experience of my life. The vibe in Bar Luca is really fantastic as well - very casual and lively. I will say if you want to eat their definitely book ahead - it's incredibly popular and trust me when I say nothing is more disappointing then walking in and realising there is literally no room anywhere.

Perfect for: Casual dinner and drinks (but only if you don’t mind your dining companion seeing you covered in secret sauce).

Travel Guide: Sydney // Miss Sweet Nothings

Cafe Nice

Cafe Nice is a lovely French restaurant tucked away behind the main strip of Circular Quay. It's a southern French inspired menu (hence the name) and it made me miss my beloved Paris. The food is wonderful and the service was very friendly - neither too overbearing nor too absent. Though - like in most restaurants in Europe I will say there is a longish gap between the courses - Europeans feel that a meal should be enjoyed slowly without being rushed. 

Perfect for: Date night (either by yourself or with someone else special)

Portabello Cafe

If you have breakfast in one place in Sydney - this is the place. It is literally situated on the water of the Quay with a ridiculous view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The food is really quite affordable - and also really delicious given the million dollar views. Also the coffee is excellent (though I would expect nothing less from a cafe run by Italians). 

Perfect for: The most amazing view with breakfast you may ever have


I actually don't recommend this place for dinner - the food is really nothing to write home about - but it is a great place for drinks. They always have really good drink specials going and good happy hour deals. They have indoor and outdoor options but of course I recommend the outdoors for the view. 

Perfect for: Happy hour drinks