The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Rome

I have wanted to go to Italy ever since I read “Jamie’s Italy” by Jamie Oliver in 2007. There is something about the food and culture of Italy that instantly captivated me. I’m so excited to share some of that magic in this guide to the perfect weekend in Rome!

Friday afternoon

After you check into your hotel or Air B & B it’s time to head out for the evening. The afternoon is the perfect time to check out the Vatican (from the outside at least). What I find the strangest about the Vatican is that you expect it to have a wall or a gate or something to separate it (I mean it is a different country after all). Instead it’s just a low chain fence that separates it from Rome. From there you can wander down to the Castel Sant’ Angelo and across the St Angelo Bridge and down to my favourite piazza to have dinner - the Piazza Navona. One thing about Rome is that if you’re open to the idea of having lots of pizza and pasta you can wander into almost any restaurant and be treated to a delicious meal.

Weekend Getaway: Rome | Miss Sweet Nothings


If you have read a few of my perfect weekend guides you know that I love to explore a city on foot - and Rome really is perfect for wandering. We’re getting started with a pastry and cappuccino (preferably standing at the bar) of a cafe. Then it’s time to head to the trio of the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Palatine Hill. Start at the Forum - you can buy a ticket for all three sites at the Forum which will avoid one of the queues at the Colosseum.

Spend an hour or so try to wrap your head around how impressive the Forum would have looked at the height of the Roman Empire. Next up is Palatine Hill, a beautiful manicured garden above the Roman Forum. I had never heard of it, and it has a fascinating history (as well as being gorgeous). Last up is the Colosseum; and no matter when you go, be prepared for crowds and hawkers. Dodge the “Roman Centurians” roaming around outside and head off for a lunch break at one of the nearby bistros.

Weekend Getaway: Rome | Miss Sweet Nothings

After lunch it’s time to head to the Pantheon, but stop on your way to check out the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. It’s run out of the Largo di Torre Argentina ruins (it's where Julius Caesar was murdered - and legend has it that he was the one who introduced cats to Rome in the first place) and it’s a wonderful place to give some kitties a bit of love and feel generally good about humankind.

At this stage I imagine you’ll want to head back to your accommodation and have a rest before heading out again for dinner. If you want some dinner inspiration; Deb of Smitten Kitchen has a very helpful list.

Weekend Getaway: Rome | Miss Sweet Nothings


On the last day, it’s time to choose your own adventure! Either head to Villa Borghese for a morning of wandering through incredible gardens, finishing by exiting near the Spanish Steps for a knockout view of Rome or head to the Capitoline Museums (the oldest museum in the world) to dive deeper into the history of Rome. Of course if you’re ambitious (or have the time) you can try and go to both!