Tips for travelling with your lover

Travelling with your lover is a fantastic way to get to know them better and to have an adventure that you can cherish. It isn’t without its challenges though - it can reveal differences in your personalities that aren’t obvious when you are in your home environment. Navigating these challenges aren't impossible - and it can be a great opportunity to learn more about your beloved and get closer to them.

Understand what you want

The first thing you need to work out is what you want from your trip: do you want to lounge in your hotel pool, go on hikes or drift from one bar to another. There is no right way to travel - and what you want from one holiday might be vastly different to what you want from another.

It can also be interesting to learn what you define as relaxing - it might be that you find skiing relaxing or you might prefer to sip hot chocolate in the chalet. It's important to not just understand what you want to do but to also accept your preferences. As I said; there's no right way to travel - so if you really like laying on the beach and not going anywhere near the sea don't feel bad. 

Understand what they want

This isn’t just about you of course; it’s about your lover as well. What do they want from the trip? My husband is definitely more relaxed than I am when we travel - he does enjoy going on adventures but he also enjoys chilling out in the hotel room as well. His attitude is definitely a really good balance to mine because if I had my way I would be out of the hotel all day and would probably burn out really quickly. So I've learnt to really enjoy those relaxing moments.

You may have a very similar or very different attitudes towards travel - and if they are very different it’s important to chat with your lover before you travel to help come to an agreement. Maybe you’ll go out for a solo adventure whilst your lover takes an afternoon nap (or vice versa). There’s no problem with not having the same desires from your holiday - it’s far more important that you’re upfront about it to avoid frustration and resentment later.

Really focus on them

Going on holiday is the perfect time to focus on your lover. This is the time to put away your phone and really engage in the relationship. In your day to day life you often don’t have much time together (I know I don’t) so take this opportunity to get to know your lover better.

Some of my favourite memories are ones from our trips together; without all the day to day distractions that pull us away from each other. Travelling together has absolutely made us much closer; both through having a shared experience and by making sure that we really engage with each other when we're away.

Allow for some space

I know I just said you need to really focus on your lover, but it’s also important to take some time by yourself. It's likely that you will be sharing all of your meals as well as a hotel room and this is normally a lot more time than most people spend together. For many couples their first holiday will be the most time that they will have ever spent together and the best way to avoid conflict is to take time by yourself.

This could mean taking some time to read in your hotel room or going for a solo walk in the morning. Allowing for some space will help make your time together more special, and help ease any natural tensions that will happen when you’re spending 24 hours a day with the same person.

Photo courtesy of Death to the Stock Photo